Calling all providers of wearable devices

Information for potential hardware partners.

We have the software. Do you have the hardware? PhysioQ welcomes interest from providers of wearable devices who like the idea of partnering with us in a reciprocal way to support health researchers. We have no particular restrictions on which hardware providers we work with.

We understand and respect that wearable providers have their own business interests to look out for. We believe that by working with PhysioQ you can further expand the reach and impact of your devices, and create a win-win situation for both your business and medical research.
Advantages of Partnering with PhysioQ
Gain exposure to notable research institutions and groups
Gain exposure to notable research institutions and groups
With PhysioQ being used in a wide-range of research institutions such as Harvard Medical School, MIT, and UC Berkeley, partnering with us provides your hardware with a unique opportunity to be featured in exciting research projects and publications.
Add a new revenue channel
Add a new revenue channel
We don’t expect you to give away your devices for free. A relationship with PhysioQ provides you with a new channel to reach potential customers.
Add a new revenue channel
Link your brand with a great cause
In partnering with us and allowing our users to combine your hardware with PhysioQ, your company will be supporting a nonprofit research initiative on a mission to make health research accessible to everyone.
Add a new revenue channel
Stand out as a leader in research process innovation
PhysioQ is assisting the advancement of research processes by working towards making research-quality data collection affordable and possible from anywhere. By partnering with PhysioQ you will be positioning yourselves at the forefront of this movement.
The Structure of a Partnership
Though we are open to various partnership arrangements, below is a model we have found to be successful for both parties.
Partnership Example
The hardware provider presents PhysioQ with a device containing firmware that enables the PhysioQ app to access the device’s raw data directly through an API. Researchers have shown great interest in having access to raw data as it provides their studies with greater credibility and opportunities to trial alternative analysis methods compared to processed data.
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