Affordability is vital to our mission

Affordability is
vital to our mission

Find out about PhysioQ’s packages.
Our goal is to make the PhysioQ platform accessible to everyone from medical researchers to quantified self hackers and data hobbyists. To support this vision we created PhysioQ as a nonprofit organization to protect the authenticity of the mission in keeping costs as low as possible and to ensure any financial surplus would be used to further achieve PhysioQ’s mission, rather than distributed amongst a few shareholders.

However, keeping the PhysioQ servers online and funding continual maintenance updates for new security loopholes requires a team working around-the-clock to develop and release updates. With very limited grant funding, we have adopted the Fee-for-service model now common to many nonprofits.

We calculate our monthly sponsorship cost based on our full base costs to run the platform. For a full breakdown of our costs, we will have publicly available records (according Massachusetts state nonprofit transparency regulations). Below are our sponsorship packages:

If you have more questions, go to the “PhysioQ Organization” section on our Help Center.

PhysioQ is built to be accessible for everyone. However, there is a cost involved to running the service. Learn what your sponsorship pays for.
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Prices only cover maintenance and development costs
per month
Advanced security
2-step identity verification, Encrypted data transfer using SSL, Regular vulnerability testing, Anonymized data collection (personal identifiable information not collected), Security Email and Text alerts, Trusted device management
Storage space
Store your data in PhysioQ’s cloud-based infrastructure. (ie: A study with 10 participants collecting sleep data every night for 1 month would use under 100 mb)
2 GB
10 GB
Compatible devices
Follow this link to see devices compatible with PhysioQ.
All PhysioQ compatible
All PhysioQ compatible
Project builder
Customize your project using the step-by-step Visual Project Builder to ensure your project is unique to your research and your participants
Task creation
Create custom tasks for your participants to perform during the project to guide your study towards your research objectives
PhysioQ participant app (iOS & Android)
Participant data is directly connected to the PhysioQ App and uploaded to the PhysioQ cloud through Bluetooth and internet connections. Includes geo-tech timestamping
Participant app simulator
Visualize your participant’s App experience in real-time as you work through the visualised project builder and task creator. Look like a professional App builder whether you have skills in this area or not.
Data export
Easily export your data in a variety of formats, such as TXT and CSV
Task categorization
Tasks utilizing hardware devices, checklists, questionnaires (NIH-promise supported), and other components can be categorized to simplify the management process
Participant enrollment
Enroll your participants using anonymized invite codes, helping to ensure HIIPA and GCP standards. The real-time informed consent enrollment system with two-way verification helps makes sure your paperwork has been signed before a project starts (IRB-friendly)
Track real-time participant engagement
Observe participant engagement in real-time using the detailed task checklists and history functions. Add researcher-viewable-only comments to track cases of interest.
Participant intervention
Receive alerts regarding participant compliance. Immediately send participants  notifications and reminders to work towards improving performance.
Utilize PhysioQ’s various account permission settings to collaborate with other PhysioQ account holders on a project. Customize user rights and responsibilities, from principal investigators to research assistants.
Additional storage space
Increase the amount of data your PhysioQ platform can store for you. Data can be used for any projects within the same account.
per GB (flat fee)
Audit trail
The Audit Trail records and shows all changes made to your study, including any changes made to your study structure, data collection, and study management. This is often a requirement for clinical trials, and many observational studies.
per month per account
Donate to PhysioQ
Contribute to PhysioQ to support further developments. Any amount is greatly appreciated.
unspecified (flat fee)
Try PhysioQ for yourself
You can begin designing your own study structures and forms today
Extra Points to Note
Adding Additional Data
Account holders will be notified via email when their unused storage space is below 500mb. Additional storage space required will be automatically added to your account and billed to your credit card.
Donate and Save
At the conclusion of a project, you can donate your data to PhysioQ’s Data Bank and receive a data credit to your account equalling the amount of storage space that particular data uses.
Learn more about the PhysioQ Data Bank
Further Customization
If your research needs are not met by the above options then feel free to contact us and we can discuss the potential of creating a more customized package for you. This could include creating APIs to connect with your devices, developing custom features, etc.