Affordability is vital to our mission

Affordability is
vital to our mission

Check out LabFront's affordable plans.
Our goal is to make LabFront accessible to everyone from medical researchers to self-hackers and data hobbyists. That is why we will always have a free plan.

However, maintaining the LabFront servers and updating for new security loopholes requires a team working around-the-clock. Our prices are based on this cost.

For those that can afford to support us, please consider purchasing a PRO plan. Thank you for your support.

LabFront is built to be accessible for everyone. However, there is a cost involved to running the service. Learn what your money pays for.
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Prices only cover maintenance and development costs
per month billed annually, or $25 monthly
Storage space
Store your data in PhysioQ’s cloud-based infrastructure. (ie: A study with 10 participants collecting sleep data every night for 1 month would use under 100 mb)
500 MB
5 GB
Number of participants in your study.
100 Participants per Project
Hardware Raw Data Access
Get access to raw data normally unavailable from consumer electronics such as 25 Hz ACC or BBI from Garmin smartwatches.
1 Participant
Participant App Builder
Customize your project using the step-by-step Visual Project Builder to ensure your project is unique to your research and your participants
Task Manager
Create custom tasks for your participants to perform during the project to guide your study towards your research objectives
Real-time Data Dashboard
Participant data is directly connected to the PhysioQ App and uploaded to the PhysioQ cloud through Bluetooth and internet connections. Includes geo-tech timestamping
Data export
Easily export your data in a variety of formats, such as TXT and CSV
Advanced Security Monitoring
Security algorithms help protect the security of your research data.
Advanced Customer Support
Help with project setup and troubleshooting
Audit Trail
For clinical trial use. Have an audit trail to keep all your projects compliant.
Extra Points to Note
Donate and Save
At the conclusion of a project, you can donate your data to PhysioQ’s Data Bank and receive a data credit to your account equalling the amount of storage space that particular data uses.