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Facilitating real-world data collection for researchers
LabFront is a project management and data collection tool that helps health researchers keep track of study participants and collect raw physiological data such as ECG, RR, ACC, SpO2, and more.

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Empowering families to early-detect COVID-19
NEO is a free COVID-19 early detection platform that allows families to proactively monitor key vital signs for COVID-19–such as blood oxygen saturation and heart rate variability–together using affordable wearable devices (ie. Garmin smartwatch).

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Building the STEM roadmap for our future scientists
In order to promote and build the funnel for more students to choose the scientific profession, LabFront for schools aims to spark students' curiosity in science with a complete zero-to-hero curriculum. Perfect for remote learning environments.

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Building a pandemic-resilient world through research
One of the largest open COVID-19 open databases, freely available to all researchers to accelerate research into COVID-19 and future pandemics. Data has been generously donated by NEO users from around the globe.

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