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Transform your classroom into a science lab

Labfront for schools looks to engage students (grades 9-12) early in their education to learn the wonders of scientific discovery and further their passion for health science.

With our plug-and-play system and step-by-step video courses, Labfront for schools makes it easy to teach about the entire scientific process, from selecting a topic and creating a hypothesis, to designing a protocol design and data collection/analysis, to the final steps of presenting their project.

We provide the tools,
you make the discoveries

Labfront for schools provides you with everything you need to become an inspiring leader in the field of health data analytics. Our package includes:

✓ Easy-to-follow video courses
✓ LabFront (experiment builder) accounts
✓ PhysioQ-compatible wearables
✓ Class management/assessment tools
✓ Training and ongoing support

…And so much more!

With LabFront for schools, you can run small-scale projects in an afterschool program, to semester/year long curriculum-integrated experiments.

How does it work?

1. Explore and Inquire
Discuss possible research topics with team members and meet with mentors for questions/feedback
2. Start Collecting
Get out into the field, participate in your research and collect data in real-time
3. Make Discoveries
Analyze data collected, make observations/future projections and present findings

Why participate?

Allows them to experience a more hands-on approach to learning science
Fosters a sense of civic responsibility and global mindedness
Empowers students with 21st century skills and tools for the future
Promotes engaging, inquiry-based learning in the classroom
Provides students with interactive, real-world application of curriculum
Is simple, easy to use and enjoyable for all

Our Mission

PhysioQ is building tools to support STEM education in youth, primarily in health data analytics.

Traditionally, when we think of careers in health sciences, we usually think of professions like doctors or nurses. However, there are so many other options, and currently there is  a growing demand in the field of health data analytics. We believe that a large portion of future health care innovations will come from this sector.

With Labfront, we are hoping to give kids exposure to some of the great work that can be done in this field.

We look to inspire students early in their education to learn the wonders of scientific discovery and further their passion for health science.

STEM Education Partnership

Are you a science teacher, director, or principal looking to incorporate innovative programs in your science curriculum? Would your students benefit from a hands-on experiential approach to learning about data analytics and scientific discovery?

PhysioQ offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform for both students and teachers. Contact us for more details.
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